Malcolm Berg is the founder, President and Design Director of EoA, Inc. Malcolm received his Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with Concentration in Architecture, from the Massachusetts College of Art.

His strong visual arts background, paired with a Master’s thesis which eroded thresholds between architecture and landscape, developed into a strong career in experiential design.  To that end, Resort Hospitality design emerged as a distilled medium to bring Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design into one experiential discipline.

His focus on design is unequivocally about the narrative, about the human element – about the intimate relationship people have with their environment.



“There’s a story in every project, or at least there should be. The story is not about the Architecture, nor about the furniture or the artwork. It is about the dialogue, about the synergy created by disparate components in any landscape. It is about cinematic envelopment, about sensorial stimulation – about creating a mental image of a liquid moment. To that end I founded Edge of Architecture, to bridge the gap between disciplines, to bring the focus back to narrative, to the human element – and to the intimate relationship people ultimately have with their environment.”  





We believe in taking Architecture and Design to the edge, in exploring and unifying the boundaries of all the design disciplines which shape our surroundings and populate our senses. We believe Landscape, Art and Architecture are meant to establish dialogues that are not only visual, tactile and generally sensorial, but also inextricably emotional. We aim to blur the conventional margins denoting interior and exterior spaces, to embrace literal and theoretical thresholds and apply them in a fluidly cinematic experience.

We seek to be challenged with problems requiring innovation, to be engaged in experimentation and to be fully immersed in the boundaries of convention. We believe it is this which keeps us, and our clients, ahead of the world of accelerating change.

We offer a comprehensive approach to project ideation, design, and execution. Each project is unique, as is every client. Therefore our process is routinely adapted to specific situations – our consistency lies in the delivery of projects which are exemplary, which not only realize but rather exceed our clients’ programmatic needs and visionary expectations.

In today’s environment, where non-complacent competition is the norm, we aim to deliver value beyond the expected. Beyond the predictable implementation of programmatic staples lie the intangible contributions, the narratives, the overt gestures and subtle nuances which solidify the link between individual, place and moment.